CCG considers returning PMS funding to practices with ‘atypical’ populations

Having cut PMS funding to local GP surgeries, NHS NEW Devon CCG now plans to re-invest the funding in the very same practices.

Perhaps statutory patient involvement and risk & impact assessment by commissioners embarking on national PMS contract reviews could have avoided this fiasco?



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NHS withholds detail of Virgin APMS deal to take over practice facing £400,000 cuts

January 2016:  “Outstanding” Essex GP partnership forced out of business by NHS England enforced PMS budget cuts:

June 2016:  NHS England procures private provider Virgin Care through APMS contract but refuses to disclose contract details on grounds of commercial sensitivity. The willful destruction of the local GP surgery model continues:

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NHS cuts PMS funding without setting plans to reinvest in general practice

NHS managers have admitted that they cut PMS funding without planning how to reinvest it in primary care – a practice that has been banned by the NHS England board.

Amidst an accepted national GP state of emergency it beggars belief that commissioners can treat over 2000 GP surgeries nationally in this way. Patients in West Yorkshire are seeking judicial review against commissioners actions and Londonwide LMCs are also challenging the process.

GP Online also covers the story

“Patients demand PMS cuts U-turn after NHS England advice:”




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Freeze PMS cuts until local reinvestment plans are clear, warns top NHS official

PMS premium funding should not be stripped from GP practices until plans to reinvest the money within local general practice services have been confirmed, a top NHS official has warned.

This appears to be in response to the 17 point letter to NHS England from Londonwide LMCs, representing all London practices.

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Londonwide medical committees take legal advice to delay new contract

GPonline reports that legal action could be possible if commissioners press ahead with contract changes that could destabilise practices and threaten services.

Londonwide LMCs has written to commissioning bosses in the capital asking for implementation of new contractual arrangements to be delayed.

The changes were supposed to have been signed off on 31 March 2016 but have been held up.


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Slaithwaite Health Centre “escapes PMS cuts”

Huddersfield Examiner breaks the news that the PMS budget for Slaithwaite Health Centre, Huddersfield, remains intact.  PMS budget cuts have now been enforced on thousands of GP surgeries nationally.

NHS England spokesperson denies that this relates to the Slawit Health Centre SOS (Facebook) patient-led campaign and patient-led legal action.

GP Online also covers the story:

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Senior Tory MP seeks ministerial meeting over GP funding cuts

A Senior Conservative MP has stepped in to support a patient-led campaign to save a PMS GP practice that stands to lose hundreds of thousands.

Sir Henry Bellingham, MP for North West Norfolk, told the campaigners that he has requested a meeting with health minister Lord David Prior to discuss the matter.

The campaigners are considering joining a “class action law suit” against NHS England over proposed cuts to Vida Healthcare, which runs six surgeries in Norfolk, with a combined 37,000 patients.

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