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GPs need to act and spread their message. Doctors are suspicious of social media; concerned regarding professional codes of conduct. Junior doctors have united against contract imposition and their leadership and social media campaigning has united an historically divided medical profession. Doctors across the county are now active on social media and identifying themselves and their place of work. GPs break no rules if they remain honest, courteous and professional on social media. Join our Twitter campaign and use our hashtag #FamilyDoctorSOS

Possible actions for surgeries (GMS & PMS) facing significant funding cuts:

  1. We are Family Doctors, not accountants. Engage a senior level Accountant to look at surgery projected income & expenditure to 2018 – is your surgery financially viable? Andrew.pow@hallliddy.co.uk will provide initial pro bono advice.
  2. Consider the impact of the cuts on patient access and the scope of your services. If this is significant has NHSE evaluated the impact on patients (especially for folk with special needs) and engaged your patients in planning how any adverse effects will be mitigated?
  3. If you believe that the NHS Act 2006 duty of consultation has been breached discuss with a specialist legal firm. Write down all your questions in advance.
  4. Inform your Patient Participation Group. Ask for their advice and help and discuss other examples such as the Jubilee Practice and Slaithwaite Health Centre.
  5. Join the NHS Survival group and campaign for a Royal Commission Inquiry into the future of the NHS and social care.

Let’s see how many surgeries across the country are going to be affected. Add you surgery to our SOS map if you fear closure, to help us demonstrate the true affect these cuts will have across the country.

Is your surgery going to be affected by funding cuts just like ours?
Fill in your details and we'll add your surgery to our SOS map, to help show how big and far these cuts reach.
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