Q: Why are surgeries acting now when they have known about these cuts since 2014?
A: The cuts are being implemented from October 2015

Q: Are you part of NHS Survival?
A: No, but we support and aim to promote NHS Survival. Cross-party political leadership is the only hope to secure the core principal of the NHS – free at-the-point-of-need care for all.

Q: Are you opposed to change?
A: No, we actually want transformational change i.e. a new world of health and social care that is unrecognisable from the present day. We are committed to change and believe government does NOT need to destroy the best of the NHS to achieve it. An honest debate about the scope and purpose of state funded care might help!

Q: Do you have any campaigning resources?
A: We have a community army and volunteer clinicians, but NO funding. We aim to galvanize and empower GPs and communities. Please donate to NHS Survival if you wish to contribute financially. You can donate to NHS Survival here.